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Improving Science Education and Understanding through Editing Wikipedia

Improving Science Education and Understanding through Editing Wikipedia

Cheryl L. Moy, Jonas R. Locke, Brian P. Coppola and Anne J. McNeil

J. Chem. Educ., Article ASAP doi: 10.1021/ed100367v10.1021/ed100367v

Well, one lesson that should be learned is that the authors could provide a version link to their final result! But anyway, the very same result could be achieved without sing Wikipedia, any wiki could be used to do the work and any blog would be a better support. Particularly if advertised by science bloggers.

I got the info about this paper through Hank Campbell blogpost titled « Can Wikipedia Be Fixed?« . You should go and read it, his experience with Wikipedia’s moderation system is quite informative.

I experienced directly shear stupidity with Wikipedia’s moderation system and I repeat it one more time here: if you see any conribution from me in the future, either my account was hacked or you may suspect I’m suffering Alzheimer.

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