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p’tite annonce


Pensez à visiter le Cafepress de Jesus and Mo et l’original en anglais.

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rescue Darwin? WTF?

Via Charles Darwin’s blog

The first is a report, written jointly by Nick Spencer of Theos and Denis Alexander of the Faraday Institute, which sets out to argue that Darwinian evolution does not necessitate atheism and that Christianity and Darwinian evolution are compatible. The project seeks to ‘rescue Darwin’ (giving the title to the overall project) by insisting we treat him as a supremely gifted natural scientist and not as theologian or anti-theologian of any stripe.

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Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

Does the Universe Have a Purpose?


That’s my point of view, the same camp as Peter William Atkins and Christian de Duve.

Christian de Duve made my day 😀

There should be a lot of rewriting in Jean Staune’s recent book, where quoting de Duve is used to support a purposeful universe. It will be funny to compare the english version to come, via the JTF editions.

The question made me think about Terry Pratchett’s « Small Gods« . More you believe, more they are consistent.
Unfortunately this wasn’t a « Yes-No » pool and the total number of people solicited to answer the question isn’t discussed. I wonder how many people just dropped the JTF’s Big Question at the nearest trash-bin.


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