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Il me semble que les américains commencent à mûrir sérieusement autour des problèmes liés au créationnisme et à utiliser le terme de façon de plus en plus appropriée. PZ Myers et Jerry Coyne sont de la fête aujourd’hui :

Flashy graphic illustration of the creationism problem

Those are teachers who believe in Intelligent Design.

Yes, they are. And complaining that they aren’t those Discovery Institute frauds because they believe it is their god that does the designing doesn’t get them off the hook, it just makes them plain old creationists.

Selective creationists

That’s why I see selective creationists like Kenneth Miller, Karl Giberson and Francis Collins as parting company with modern biological thought.

Autant pour les définitions foireuses de Staune 😉


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Seeing and Believing

Seeing and Believing

The never-ending attempt to reconcile science and religion, and why it is doomed to fail.

Jerry A. Coyne, The New Republic

Jerry Coyne signe un essai pas mal construit, une attaque à l’acide darwinien face aux essais (pitoyables IMO) pour réconcilier Science et Religions. Appuyé sur deux des productions de la John Templeton Foundation, publiées par Karl W. Giberson et Kenneth R. Miller.

Il conclue :

This disharmony is a dirty little secret in scientific circles. It is in our personal and professional interest to proclaim that science and religion are perfectly harmonious. After all, we want our grants funded by the government, and our schoolchildren exposed to real science instead of creationism. Liberal religious people have been important allies in our struggle against creationism, and it is not pleasant to alienate them by declaring how we feel. This is why, as a tactical matter, groups such as the National Academy of Sciences claim that religion and science do not conflict. But their main evidence–the existence of religious scientists–is wearing thin as scientists grow ever more vociferous about their lack of faith. Now Darwin Year is upon us, and we can expect more books like those by Kenneth Miller and Karl Giberson. Attempts to reconcile God and evolution keep rolling off the intellectual assembly line. It never stops, because the reconciliation never works.

De l’huile sur le feu, j’aime ça, les flammes éclairent la situation.

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