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qui se ressemble s’assemble

όμοιος ομοίω αεί πελάζει : qui se ressemble s’assemble : like attracts like, birds of a feather flock together

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Denyse got it wrong

Well, that’s just one more time and it’s a long time since I discussed it over a blog, as I think sincerely that it’s to late for Denyse to change her mind and think logically. So, no use, except when the matter is to show to others that she is wrong.

images-1.jpegSo THAT’S why the Council of Europe thinks intelligent design theory is a threat to human rights!.

So, Thomas K. Johnson, Academic Dean, Baltic Reformed Seminary: Riga and Vilnius, wrote to explain her. Well, the guy, and Denyse, seem to ignore that Kosovars (muslims) are secessionists from Serbia (christian orthodox) and that religious leaders such as bishop Artemije are calling to boycott Kosovars.

images.jpegThis is Europe, 21st century, and religious leaders and communities are eager to occupy a primary place in politics, chose ways of life for populations and frontiers for countries. And Denyse ignores why creationists are considered as a threat for human rights…
You know lady, religious leaders + politics is not very faraway from = theocracy; they must dream about that every single night.

michael-archangel-munich1.jpgA year ago, French people was accusing me for being alarmist for supporting the hearing and voting for a resolution of the European Council against creationism teaching in science classrooms in Europe, including the fake science termed Intelligence Design instead of Creation Science. They thought that it would be impossible for France to have to face any attempt against laicity. They have to deal with a president who expect more spirituality in their life 🙂

Denyse, I don’t care anymore when you are trying to discuss science; your attempts are so ridiculous that ignore them is the best attitude (well, some times tickling you a little bit may be funny).

But lady, don’t argue before reading those fucking newspapers! (aren’t you supposed to be a journalist?). 
And change your consultant, he isn’t any better informed than you do.

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Denyse, avoid showing your ignorance

Denyse, that’s Denyse O’Leary, is on a cartoon trip and that’ a good thing, helping get stress away; you know, laughing a little bit is always good.

But Denyse is Denyse and she is of the IDiot crowd, so she manage to say absolutely remarkable things in every single occasion:

I still cannot figure out why anyone would attack a professional humourist, but Adams has correctly identified the psychological taxonomy of Myers as ass hat.

So, she cannot figure out. Dear Denyse, I would attack any of those fucking nazi cartoonists at every occasion (more here). And then I would be proud to be considered an « ass hat » by Adams (and probably you).

It is not because you are a cartoonist that you aren’t a stupid moron and Adams make whatever he can to prove that. Nice job. Your’s also is better and better. Keep going.

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