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Simon Conway Morris’ creationism

Simon Conway Morris a creationist? Well, yes. That’s no news.

I really wonder why Jerry Coyne seem to just discover that Simon Conway Morris is a creationist. SCM believes at a Creator of the universe, as any christian. That classifies him in the creationists’ set, by definition. Maybe we didn’t had enough information to see in what particular subset he belongs, but as most paleontologists he is probably in the Old Earth Creationists subset.

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Don’t Call it “Darwinism”

28AFE13D-2866-4F7D-BC67-4853076F65DD.jpgDon’t Call it “Darwinism”

Eugenie C. Scott and Glenn Branch

Evolution: Education and Outreach Volume 2, Number 1 / mars 2009 doi: 10.1007/s12052-008-0111-2

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Darwin, Dover, ‘Intelligent Design’ and textbooks

Darwin, Dover, ‘Intelligent Design’ and textbooks

Kevin PADIAN and Nicholas MATZKE

Biochem. J. (2009) 417 (29–42) doi:10.1042/bj20081534

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Does science make belief in God obsolete?

pdbkmjtf.pngThere is a conversation at JTF‘s website, one of those « Big Questions » that replaced the « Science & Religion » slogan : Does science make belief in God obsolete?

Well, that smells like « Science & Religion » after all, isn’t it? 🙂
For the short version, click the image. For the long one, continue the reading here.

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l’évolution « en classe »

Hier je signalais le papier « darwinian evolution on chip« . C’est vrai que ce petit jouet pourra être un instrument éducatif pour les étudiants (peut-être un jour pour les élèves).

C’est sous cet angle que ScienceDaily le présente :

Evolution has taken another step away from being dismissed as « a theory » in the classroom, thanks to a new article in PLoS Biology. The research article, by Brian Paegel and Gerald Joyce of The Scripps Research Institute, California, documents the automation of evolution: they have produced a computer-controlled system that can drive the evolution of improved RNA enzymes–biological catalysts–without human input. In the future, this « evolution-machine » could feature in the classroom as well as the lab, allowing students to watch evolution happen in their biology lessons.

Maintenant, j’en suis à me demander si Charles Harper de la John Templeton Foundation paiera un tel appareil à son ami Jean Staune pour que ce dernier puisse enfin réaliser des travaux pratiques qui lui donneront quelques notions de biologie de l’évolution. Ca lui permettra d’aborder les discussions sur le sujet plus correctement que des estimations sur la base de modèles mathématiques inadéquats.

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Denyse got it wrong

Well, that’s just one more time and it’s a long time since I discussed it over a blog, as I think sincerely that it’s to late for Denyse to change her mind and think logically. So, no use, except when the matter is to show to others that she is wrong.

images-1.jpegSo THAT’S why the Council of Europe thinks intelligent design theory is a threat to human rights!.

So, Thomas K. Johnson, Academic Dean, Baltic Reformed Seminary: Riga and Vilnius, wrote to explain her. Well, the guy, and Denyse, seem to ignore that Kosovars (muslims) are secessionists from Serbia (christian orthodox) and that religious leaders such as bishop Artemije are calling to boycott Kosovars.

images.jpegThis is Europe, 21st century, and religious leaders and communities are eager to occupy a primary place in politics, chose ways of life for populations and frontiers for countries. And Denyse ignores why creationists are considered as a threat for human rights…
You know lady, religious leaders + politics is not very faraway from = theocracy; they must dream about that every single night.

michael-archangel-munich1.jpgA year ago, French people was accusing me for being alarmist for supporting the hearing and voting for a resolution of the European Council against creationism teaching in science classrooms in Europe, including the fake science termed Intelligence Design instead of Creation Science. They thought that it would be impossible for France to have to face any attempt against laicity. They have to deal with a president who expect more spirituality in their life 🙂

Denyse, I don’t care anymore when you are trying to discuss science; your attempts are so ridiculous that ignore them is the best attitude (well, some times tickling you a little bit may be funny).

But lady, don’t argue before reading those fucking newspapers! (aren’t you supposed to be a journalist?). 
And change your consultant, he isn’t any better informed than you do.

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I am speechless. As anyone who knows me can attest, that very rarely happens.

coverimage.gifI’m borrowing this line from Lars Juhl Jensen, to describe my current status in front of that bullshit:

We realize so far that mitochondria could be the link between the body and this preserved wisdom of the soul devoted to guaranteeing life.

Now, let’s see who will be sending manuscripts to Proteomics if they did not take this out.

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Creationism to be banished from schools

After the recent resolution of the European Counsil, a first step is done « Creationism to be banished from Swedish schools« 

A second step must be done as soon as possible « Creationism banned from European schools »

To Dembski’s question, « How far is the U.S. from following Sweden’s lead? » the answer is obvious : It’s already done Billy-boy. Obviously, he was unable to go further than the title and he didn’t read that this is about banishing creationism as a valid scientific argument. Dover Billy boy, do you remember of Dover?

And WTF, a so brilliant mind unable to answer a so simple question? No free lunch for you Billy.
Oh, I think about it now, you didn’t went there, did you? Nope! But you read newspapers, or your blog (sometimes), don’t you?

This remark made me lough out loud (you know, the lol kind):

Soon enough, the best argument to be use against survival of the fittest will be the maintainance of ID proponents…

Unfortunatly I have other examples, an ex-ID [fr] and a neo-platonician [fr].
Fuck, natural selection is a slow process. Artificial selection should come in play.


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