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Welcome Nature. Seriously.

And thus one hidden dimension here!

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parasitic communication, or …

Kind of a meme’s mutation 😉

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Double-checking Dawkins

Well, I don’t know of any Apple early adopter who have read Richard Dawkins’ « The Blind Watchmaker » who haven’t check:

In my computer’s ROM, location numbers 64489, 64490 and 64491, taken together, contain a particular pattern of contents—1s and 0s which—when interpreted as instructions, result in the computer’s little loudspeaker uttering a blip sound. This bit pattern is 10101101 00110000 11000000.

And why Dawkins would make this up?

Back then, there was little you could do to have fun with your computer and playing with the ROM was fun enough for a lot of people. Such nerdiness made Dawkins a sympathetic character independently of his contribution to the atheists’ cause. Isn’t it?

I wasn’t aware that this would be noticeable. I mean that Dawkins wasn’t making up stuff.

Apple had a lot of problems with christian fanatics. Go and read this one: Hypnotically encased iMacs trick unsuspecting computer users into accepting Darwinism. Bigre !

HT The Corpus Calosum


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What the fuck a numerology assistant intended « for numerologists, astrologers, and people who are interested in discovering synchronicity in their lives » is doing at Apple’s Math & Science section?

Get it out of there.
Via the General comments feedback form:

Hi there,

I suppose there is an error at the category where Q-Decode [] is presented. For numerologists and astrologers and present at the Math & Science Section?

I would suggest as best fitting category the pseudo-science one, but there isn’t any going by this name, so maybe Games would be the most appropriate.


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