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Experimental demonstration of optical transport, sorting and self-arrangement using a ‘tractor beam’

Experimental demonstration of optical transport, sorting and self-arrangement using a ‘tractor beam’

O. Brzobohatý, V. Karásek, M. Šiler, L. Chvátal, T. Čižmár & P. Zemánek

Nature Photonics 7, 123–127 (2013) doi:10.1038/nphoton.2012.33210.1038/nphoton.2012.332

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Sensing membrane stress with near IR-emissive porphyrins

Sensing membrane stress with near IR-emissive porphyrins

Neha P. Kamat, Zhengzheng Liao, Laurel E. Moses, Jeff Rawson, Michael J. Therien, Ivan J. Dmochowski, and Daniel A. Hammer

PNAS 2011 ; published ahead of print August 15, 2011, doi:10.1073/pnas.1102125108

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Ah ! Un blogger prix Nobel. Autant pour les cercles vertueux 😀

Je vous propose de lire « The Theory of Interstellar Trade« , de Paul Krugman, avec des vrais morceaux de physique dedans, où « two useless but true theorems are proven ». (HT for the paper The Corpus Callosum)

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L2/R2, un an déjà…


Toujours manquants à l’appel !

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attention, polémique inside

Tom a publié un nouveau post avec la mention « attention, polémique potentielle inside ». Il a parfaitement raison; j’ai ôté l’adjectif superflu et je m’y lance donc.

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Dicsovery of a Double Einstein Ring

I love gravitational lenses! and this one, double, was discovered using HUBBLE.

A paper is submited and the pdf available for those interested by the calculations. The name of the file is interesting: jackpot_submitted.pdf Jackpot indeed 🙂

clic on the image for the ESA images page

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PS3 cluster

Just got this one by e-mail, from CM (:-*)

And this is from Wired: Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with Eight PlayStation 3s

I don’t know if this is a supercomputer replacement, but the guy did it. A cluster of 8 PS3 using Linux for his calculations.

Go and read the story either at Wired or at the PS3 Gravity Grid page. Now, why Linux and not Mac OS X? Steve, an word to say about the portability of Leopard? The guys’ webpage have the logo mac os x
It’s a shame to let them use their PS3 to work with, instead of using them to play withwhile the calculation run on a X-grid.

Anyway, hurray for Dr. Gaurav Khanna.

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Fluid theory confirmed by Foton

ESA PR 29-2007. In scientific research, there is great satisfaction when theoretical work is eventually supported by experimentation. Such was the case this week for a team of Italian and US scientists when they received preliminary confirmation of a 10-year-old theory from a fluid science experiment that is currently orbiting the Earth on the Foton-M3 spacecraft. [lire la suite]

Quelques jours et déjà des résultats ! En plus il semble qu’il y a possibilité de changer les manips programmées, pour en faire des plus intéressantes. En attendant les résultats des manips bio… il est intéressant de voir des résultats tomber.

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