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Memetics of the Computer Universe Based on the Quran

Memetics of the Computer Universe Based on the Quran

Pallacken Abdul Wahid

J. Software Engineering & Applications, 2010, 3, 728-735 doi:10.4236/jsea.2010.37084

And this gives people a way to evaluate the quality of J. Software Engineering & Applications! Minus Four Stars 🙂

Avoid drinking while reading, that can be dangerous

The universe is a computer designed, programmed and created by God.

The term “meme” was intro- duced by Richard Dawkins to mean “replicator” [11]. However the term is used here not with the connotation of a “replicator” or with the other characteristics originally assigned to it.

Biomemetics is science of biological information. Biosystems carry divine instructions in a different way. “Breathing of rooh” into a clay model to create man (Adam) mentioned in the Quran (Q. 15:26-29) and “breathing of life” mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 2:7) refer to one and the same event – installation of divine biosoftware in a clay model of man.

The availability of biomemes to counter environmental stresses including the kind of resistance development is a natural evidence of God’s designing the organism to meet the requirement in His scheme of things. These instances illustrate that heritable changes (mutations) that occur in an organism are biosoft- ware-induced and not by the action of any extraneous mutagen.

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Case report

This is from a retweet posted by Shirley Wu. (initial by 23science

You can grab the paper here and take your time to read it carefully and plan how to replicate the case.

I think it could be an easy to perform experiment : « THE UNSUCCESSFUL SELF-TREATMENT OF A CASE OF « WRITER’S BLOCK », Dennis Upper, J Appl Behav Anal. 1974 Fall; 7(3): 497. doi: 10.1901/jaba.1974.7-497b.

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Julian Baggini is a funny guy accommodationist

And a proud one, he delivered an atheist « sermon »! From the pulpit of Westminster Abbey. And he posted about it, here.

Of course, in one sense, anyone who believes anything can be described as being anti what they don’t believe. But, for instance, we would not usually call a Christian an anti-Jew, or a Muslim an anti-Hindu. Why not?

Maybe because it’s implicit and it would be difficult to say anti-muslim & anti-Jew & anti-Hindu & anti-Scientologists & anti-Atheist & anti-Olympians & anti-Pagans & etc. listing the few thousands anti-something Christians are? Easier to just say Christian and those who know a little bit of the religion’s history know how must anti-everything Christians are. And Christians very much have this kind of attitude : hostility and the desire to eliminate other religious (or not) beliefs. They did managed to have their own religious wars after all, between Christians. And a lot of blood on their hands. I suppose Baggini just momentarily forgotten about that.

If being an atheist meant being anti-theist, then I would not be one. I am an anti-dogmatist, an anti-fundamentalist, yes.

It’s nice to know that Baggini is anti-dogmatist. I suppose that means that he is against any dogmatic constructs, as every theistic religion, including Christianity. He seems not be aware of it or he is just contradicting himself. Not very serious anyway.

But then he adds:

But there are also lots of atheists like me.

Stupid? Well, probably, nobody said that being atheists excludes stupidity.

Any religion that is not unreasonable and not dogmatic should likewise recognise that it has a kinship with atheists who hold those same values.

That’s right! Spot on Baggini on that one, religions’ target are the stupid. Theists or not.
And I would really like to hear the name of a non dogmatic theistic religion. Oh, and while you are to it, of a reasonable one 😉

There is a lot to fear from people like Baggini.

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Christine O’Donnell and the « Enlarge » button

Capture d’écran 2010-10-18 à 18.13.49.png

This is from the Christian Science Monitor. Always wonder what christian science could be. But that’s not the point here. Do you see this « Enlarge » button? It has quite curious properties depending who’s using it.

If I clic on it I just get a larger image. If it’s a guy from AllVoices he gets…

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Jesus was a pirate


Hadopi send him a letter too.

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I have not yet had my coffeh

funny pictures-I have not yet had my coffeh.  You haz been warned.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worse diseases

MMS. Also known as Miracle Mineral Solution.

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macaque adopted kitten?! Fear mice?

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To Scotty: done! it worked!


Was called this morning to rescue the new technician. Her computer’s Internet connection wasn’t working. Usually I’m answering that I can’t help with machines operating under Windows, my last in depth relation being Windows NT.

But nowadays I’m building the lab’s intranet and blogs and stuff like that, so I plan to abuse as many beta testers as possible, so I gave it a try. Re-routing the tachyon flow through the warp drive polarity inducer didn’t worked, neither trying to rebuild the connexion, or find out what was wrong using the diagnostics. The guy who wrote the messages must be a Star Trek fan and the last proposition was to switch off and on the Ethernet hub. Done that and as Steve says : Boom!

The connexion was back instantly. My reputation as the-guy-who-makes-computers-do-their-job (even those running WindowsXP) is supported by more and more evidence.

Praise Scotty!

HT the caption is by Molly_B

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