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La FNE me semble bien dangereuse là !

Admettons que quelqu’un pense ne pas avoir assez de recul pour savoir si un produit est sans danger. Il ne sait pas. S’il savait il pourrait simplement dire : tiens, ce machin est dangereux, en voici les preuves.


C’est-y-pas-mignon que FNE fasse peur avec son ignorance et qu’elle décide de l’afficher ?

Moi ça m’amuse !


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Salt-tolerant rice offers hope for global food supply

A team of scientists from the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics, a key research partner of the Waite Research Institute at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus, has successfully used genetic modification (GM) to improve the salt tolerance of rice, offering hope for improved rice production around the world.

This new research into rice builds on previous work by ACPFG researchers into the salt tolerance of plants and was conducted in collaboration with scientists now based at the universities of Copenhagen, Cairo and Melbourne.

Read about this research at PLoS ONE: Improved Salinity Tolerance of Rice Through Cell Type-Specific Expression of AtHKT1;1

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Null hypothesis: cows do not breed whales

This is only a teaser, you will have to click on the image below the fold to read the post of Peter at Deep-Sea News.

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New High Protein Rice Strain Developed

New High Protein Rice Strain Developed: « Scientists in the United States and India are reporting development of a high-protein variety of rice, dietary staple for half the world’s population. »

This is an hybrid of Oryza sativa × Oryza nivara, with 18 and 28 % higher protein content respectively than those of the parents. Scheduled for publication: Jan. 23 issue of ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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