The Lewisham Islamic Centre: Promoting Hatred:

At the present time, is it Halal to have a sexual intercourse with your Loundi (a female prisoner of war) without getting married to her?.

Filthy !

Unanswered questions on Japan’s suffering:

Faith is living by the promise and not by an explanation.

That isn’t news, but still stupid.

An Even Bigger Disaster. A Train Wreck of a God.

Anyway, I found this so abhorrently and contemptibly mindless, that I simply could not refrain from commenting, and what I write, for the most part, is in anger.

If you didn’t know how stupid the Biologos initiative is, you can get a glimpse here , then go and read Eric MacDonald’s take on it. Thegood pastor Harrell is really, really, stupid.

May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day! Blame the Gays And hopefully, no more camping after that.

Michael Ruse: New Atheism is as bad as the Tea Party Michael Ruse (pronounce it to rhyme with « goose ») is just bad.

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