Design of the Agent-Based Genetic Algorithm

Design of the Agent-Based Genetic Algorithm

Honggang Wang, Jianchao Zeng and Yubin Xu

ADVANCES IN NATURAL COMPUTATION Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2005, Volume 3612/2005, 22-27, doi: 10.1007/11539902_3

In the standard GA, the individual has no intelligence and must act upon some rules established by a programmer in advance, such as various genetic operator. The result is to make the evolutionary process to be trapped into the local optimization of the objective function. In order to solve this problem, through studying the structure of an agent and selection operator, the paper designs a new genetic algorithm based on agent, called AGA (Agent-based Genetic Algorithm). At the premise of giving the definition of the outer environment where an agent lives and of an agent’s belief, this paper gives some rules on how an agent selects one agent to cross their genes and some rules on how to solve competition. In addition, a communication method based on blackboard is presented to solve the communication among the agent society. Finally, the paper gives the structure of AGA and the simulation result for a multi-peak function, which demonstrates the validity of the AGA.


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