Blogging will be light to inexistent for a week or so. A few days out to recover from the more intensive in papers reviewing and grants evaluation period of my life. I’m not ready to accept the same charge again for a few decades.

I really feel exhausted but odds seem good for the two projects I spotted as excellent and I’m really happy with that. And the papers reviewing was fun, even with the one I negatively criticized (it was rejected).

I wrote a letter to the Editors-in-Chief for a recently published paper and that was painful, I hate that kind of backstage discussions. Depending on the issue, I may decide to go public and publish here my remarks. Using a blog for post-publication review of a paper is much more fun then writing letters to editors, be they in-Chief.

To keep you posted I programmed music videos and my choices are folded around a single theme. I hope you’ll enjoy! At least most of you 😉

  1. #1 par Mathgon le février 1, 2011 - 11:09

    Bon courage pour ces obscures tractations, mais surtout, ne baisse pas ton pantalon

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