Evolution and its rivals

An issue of Synthese, free for a few more days. Go get the pdf and read them when you have some free time.

  1. Introduction, by Glenn Branch
  2. Can’t philosophers tell the difference between science and religion?: Demarcation revisited, by Robert T. Pennock
  3. Are creationists rational?, by John S. Wilkins
  4. Foiling the Black Knight, by Kelly C. Smith
  5. Information theory, evolutionary computation, and Dembski’s “complex specified information”, by Wesley Elsberry and Jeffrey Shallit
  6. Design and its discontents, by Bruce H. Weber
  7. The science question in intelligent design, by Sahotra Sarkar
  8. Intelligent design in theological perspective, by Niall Shanks and Keith Green
  9. The non-epistemology of intelligent design: its implications for public policy, by Barbara Forrest
  10. Evolution and atheism: Has Griffin reconciled science and religion?, by James H. Fetzer
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