Memetics of the Computer Universe Based on the Quran

Memetics of the Computer Universe Based on the Quran

Pallacken Abdul Wahid

J. Software Engineering & Applications, 2010, 3, 728-735 doi:10.4236/jsea.2010.37084

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Avoid drinking while reading, that can be dangerous

The universe is a computer designed, programmed and created by God.

The term “meme” was intro- duced by Richard Dawkins to mean “replicator” [11]. However the term is used here not with the connotation of a “replicator” or with the other characteristics originally assigned to it.

Biomemetics is science of biological information. Biosystems carry divine instructions in a different way. “Breathing of rooh” into a clay model to create man (Adam) mentioned in the Quran (Q. 15:26-29) and “breathing of life” mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 2:7) refer to one and the same event – installation of divine biosoftware in a clay model of man.

The availability of biomemes to counter environmental stresses including the kind of resistance development is a natural evidence of God’s designing the organism to meet the requirement in His scheme of things. These instances illustrate that heritable changes (mutations) that occur in an organism are biosoft- ware-induced and not by the action of any extraneous mutagen.

The emerging concept of computer universe has the potential to bring about a radical change in our perception of the world. Energy is word of God that carries His commands. It derives its properties in accordance with the divine in- structions immanent in it. Memetics is the science of information carried by the entity called energy. Living and non-living systems represent two different languages in which information content of energy exists. These may be dis- tinguished as bioprogram (biological information) and abioprogram (chemical information) respectively. While abio- program can be explained in terms of a structure-code concept, the bioprogram is intangible to human beings and is stored on the chromosomes of the cell. It is non-physical in nature but requires a physical medium for its storage like the computer program. An organism is natural biocomputer or biorobot. All organisms except Homo sapiens are totally programmed unconscious systems like man-made robot. Man is the only conscious, freewilled robot (abd in Arabic) of God. Consciousness and freewill are the attributes of the unique processor of human being, the mind (qalb in Arabic). The computer model of the organism helps us to define and explain the phenomena of life and death. The phenomenon of life is the manifestation of the execution of the biosoftware while death is the result of deletion of the biosoftware. A dead body is like a computer without software. Man-made computer, robot, etc., which run on man-made software are forms of “artificial life”. The basic change that the computer concept of the universe brings into our present knowledge of the universe and cosmology is that it is the divine information carried in energy that represents the underlying reality of the universe.

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