[their] genomes, unzipped

Mine will follow ASAP, that is as soon as they will start hosting data of other people.

When we launched this website back in June, I welcomed readers with a promise that Genomes Unzipped would “ultimately be much more than just a group blog”. Indeed, the last four months of blogging have really just been a prelude of sorts to what comes next: the real Genomes Unzipped.

Today we’re launching an exciting new phase of the project. Although we’re not entirely sure where this journey will take us, we’re looking forward to finding out – and to bringing you along with us.

Moving forward, we hope that we can use our own data as a resource for developing new tools for analysing personal genetic data. In addition to the data of core group members, we plan to host data from others who are also willing to share their genomes. We will also be releasing the software for the analyses we perform here for others to use and modify, and will welcome submission of other people’s programs to the GNZ code repository. Ultimately, we hope that we can become a hub for a diverse community of people interested in building and using tools for exploring their own DNA.

Read the post, it’s worth your time.

Hopefully this will freak out the conservative geneticists, signatories of statements as the one published by the ESHG. Hopefully more and more people will join the party, and not just biologists and healthcare professionals.

  1. #1 par DNAcowboy le octobre 24, 2010 - 12:45

    While i am in strong favor of sharing genomic data, i am not in favor with the way they are doing it, i mean without anonimization.

    These guys have no kids or they have very young kids.
    Myself i have kids and i don’t want this sharing action to be linked to my kids and family.

    Also, think about it, biohacking is just at its infancy. I could use my dna synthesizer ( i have one in my garage) synthesize a part of them, and use it for malicious projects.
    And, with higher probability, if genomic secured transactions to become a standard for bank or whatever transactions? Why sharing the code?

    We all agree here, at this place, that we need to share genomic data as soon as they become available, but this should be done with privacy enabled protocols in mind.

  2. #2 par Oldcola le octobre 24, 2010 - 2:05

    I think, and will work to made it possible that way, that nondiscrimination on the basis of genetic results must be the same way as nondiscrimination on the skins color or gender, I mean clearly evident phenotypic traits in general.
    Thus I don’t care for eponymous release of genetic data.

    Some aspects of the way insurances and employers deal with info about people suck already. I will be nice to see some cases develop, being supported by the scientific community and make history in front of a tribunal. Me thinks.

    Certainly that may be more easy for people without children, and this is my case. It will be a honor to be the agent provocateur and be sure I have a few strong opinions on the subject.

    About biohacking we will have to discuss it further. And also discuss in what conditions I can have access to your garage; have plans to rule the world with my PCR primers |-)

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