reconciling science with leprechauns

Karl Giberson should start working on that one, as much urgent (and useful) as trying to reconcile science and religion. And it could be as much funny as his actual writing at BioLogos.

Leprechauns are a priority, but next come the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the such. Giberson’s task is to reconcile science with fantasies. He committed himself to it and he seems to doing quite badly for the moment. But hope will help him to continue his ministry.

Giberson is very interested about what Jerry Coyne have to say, in general, concerning the possibility of a friendship between science and religion, in particular. He started a series of posts on the subject. Templeton Foundation apologetics, only christian faith centered lacking the ecumenism JTF would like to promote.

Jerry Coyne have a very nice op-ed on USA Today. Simple, clear, short. You don’t even need to be a theologian or a scientist to get it. Excellent job.

In the end, science is no more compatible with religion than with other superstitions, such as leprechauns. Yet we don’t talk about reconciling science with leprechauns. We worry about religion simply because it’s the most venerable superstition — and the most politically and financially powerful.

I disagree with professor Coyne on that point. Me thinks that leprechauns are much more venerable even if they failed, for the moment, to gain the political and financial power that lousy morals gained for religions (going to bed, and even going to bed, with whatever political and financial powers are on charge).

The Gnu Atheists position seems to be popular. That’s a relief. Not every hit is friendly, but every hit counts.

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