She is angry and have good reasons for it.

This has been a hard piece to write, and it may be a hard one to read. I’m not going to be as polite and good-tempered as I usually am in this blog; this piece is about anger, and for once I’m going to fucking well let myself be angry.

Halal soup, only for terrorists?!

Banksy pour les Simpsons. I’ve seen that one all over the interwebs today, but let’s keep it hyperlocal (even if Dalhia isn’t as much as local as hyper would ask for.

Ahmadinejad to Ratzinger: Cooperate against secularism. That smells like a FAIL, isn’t it? Will the Vatican get the bomb? Suspense!

The Physics Bus

I get a little bored with the repetition, and so tend to make up my own verses, which get sideways looks from her, followed by telling Kate « Daddy’s silly! »

Who knew? SteelyKid is a wise girl 😉

The civility argument. Fucking Impossible.

  1. #1 par Irène le octobre 11, 2010 - 8:36

    Oooh, yes. Thank you, Mr. Ahmadidnedjad, for that hand extended to the Vatican. It’s nice to see the real « clash of civilization » revealed, i.e., the religionists against the secularists…

  1. Salut, Benoît, c’est Ahmadinedjad… | L'Extérieur de l'Asile

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