Larry Arnhart(?) being evil! (again?)

Larry Arnhart seems to suffer comments deafness. That’s OK, a lot of bloggers are affected by the same condition.

All you can do is ask them one more time (and no more because otherwise you enter the troll mode and that’s not a good strategy). So, I did so. While checking if my comment went through moderation I saw something weird. My backlink from here to there (which drove a pity of 25 clicks) vanished in cyberspace! [and now reappeared, at least somebody thought it wasn’t the right thing to do and that’s nice, I appreciate – thank you] Playful! Vanished again…

Left a last comment:

Oh! and one more question.

Who is the blogger with administrator privileges in this blog who wiped out my backlink to this post?

Wasn’t expecting this kind of behavior here, reminds me of Gary Rosen of the Templeton Foundation.

Will you go along the same path as BQO[*] and « temporarily disable[d] [DC] comment feature while [you] refine [your] policies moving forward« ?

At least you didn’t edited the comment. Oh! Wait! You can’t edit comments on Blogger.

And I will leave Arnhart alone bullshiting his readers as it please him. Fucking stupid behavior, evolved also, and he (or one of his co-bloggers) display it. And I wouldn’t call that moral.

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