A correlation between poverty and religiosity

Here we go again, and this is from Jerry Coyne, linking to a very nice figure from the New York Times. Looks pretty much like the figures I proposed a few weeks ago from different datasets and certainly quite different questionnaires and metrics. The trent persist, the best countries come with atheists, thank you!

I was more concerned about the outliers who spend time behind the Iron Curtain, Charles Blow discuss one particular outlier, the USA.

Coyne goes back to his January’s post « Does insecurity promote faith? » where he presented data and analyses that support the idea.

I very much like Coyne’s conclusion:

Nevertheless, Rees and Paul may be onto something. And if they’re right, even in part, then we atheists have a bigger task than simply trying to dispel the influence of religion on people. For to do that, we may have to work for better and more just societies. But isn’t that, in the end, a nobler goal?

Call the guy strident or a dick or whatever else you like, but please keep in mind that he got some simple and wonderful stances.

  1. #1 par Irène le septembre 4, 2010 - 9:13

    Great, but didn’t you forget the link to Jerry Coyne’s recent post « A correlation between poverty and religiosity »? Here it is:



  2. #2 par Oldcola le septembre 5, 2010 - 11:59

    I had forgotten indeed, nice of you to have provide the complement, thanks.

  1. des chemises et de la religiosité | Coffee and Sci(ence)

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