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A correlation between poverty and religiosity

Here we go again, and this is from Jerry Coyne, linking to a very nice figure from the New York Times. Looks pretty much like the figures I proposed a few weeks ago from different datasets and certainly quite different questionnaires and metrics. The trent persist, the best countries come with atheists, thank you!

I was more concerned about the outliers who spend time behind the Iron Curtain, Charles Blow discuss one particular outlier, the USA.

Coyne goes back to his January’s post « Does insecurity promote faith? » where he presented data and analyses that support the idea.

I very much like Coyne’s conclusion:

Nevertheless, Rees and Paul may be onto something. And if they’re right, even in part, then we atheists have a bigger task than simply trying to dispel the influence of religion on people. For to do that, we may have to work for better and more just societies. But isn’t that, in the end, a nobler goal?

Call the guy strident or a dick or whatever else you like, but please keep in mind that he got some simple and wonderful stances.


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Larry Arnhart being evil!

And this is not a fancy title as the one he use: « PZ Myers, Creationist« . He must be off his drugs, or something.

The worst part is calling an atheist a creationist, but Arnhart isn’t that stupid as to think anybody will take him seriously on that. But he is enough stupid to use the old journalistic trick like, OMG! DARWIN WAS WRONG! Except that he don’t want Darwin to be wrong, just to make a sensational title for his blogpost. And that’s not even where he’s gone really evil. The worst part is :

Myers says that « the science of biology supports a communist world view. »

What Myers wrote (if you don’t truncate the phrase, that’s it) is :

I find their arguments that the science of biology supports a communist worldview just as convincing as Arnhart’s that it supports classical liberalism…which means not very.

Fucking quote mining with the link provided for people who hadn’t it handy and too lazy to Google it! That’s embarrassing because it’s quite stupid and really evil.

I do agree with Arnhart that the pope is a creationist but Arnhart doesn’t seem to be able to understand that the very same evolutionary process he praise explains equally every single political and moral and ethical view that was ever invented and that will be invented in the future and he can’t apply it in his particular political views. That’s partial politically induced blindness IMO and I’m sorry to have confirmation that Arnhart suffers from it. Usually he is a descent guy. Wish him prompt recovery.

PZ already answered.

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Angiogenesis but not neurogenesis is critical for normal learning and memory acquisition

Angiogenesis but not neurogenesis is critical for normal learning and memory acquisition

Kerr AL, Steuer EL, Pochtarev V, Swain RA.

Neuroscience Article in Press, Accepted Manuscript doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2010.08.008

I’m obsessed with angiogenesis and this have to do with my current work. I came to think that EC play a central role in CNS physiology, especially repair. EC lead you to angiogenesis – invariably.
I love this paper and I’m looking forward to read the discussions it could should must trigger.

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