hESCs – help them to get out of the USA

ADF is a legal alliance of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations defending the right of people to freely live out their faith. Launched in 1994, ADF employs a unique combination of strategy, training, funding, and litigation to protect and preserve religious liberty, the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family.

That’s the presentation of ADF at the bottom of their « PR detail » concerning the recently issued preliminary injunction concerning USA federal funding of human embryonic stem cell [hESC] research.

Francis Collins was « stunned » by Judge Royce Lamberth decisions, certainly aware of how « This decision has the potential to do serious damage to one of the most promising areas of biomedical research, and just at the time when [the NIH and the USA in general are] really gaining momentum.« . The US Department of Justice said it would appeal the ruling. Collins must be in a difficult position opposing his fellows christians who defend God’s Moral Law and in the mean time hESC should be frozen of feed with broth not funded by federal dollars. Wait and see and maybe in the mean time if you want to place some money on hESC research consider concurrent options. Probably not in Europe where the catholic churche’s influence, however non-official, may will jeopardize the development of the field, Asia seems to be a much more secure option.

The USA christians opposing federal funding of hESC are not at their first attack and they will not keep quite whatever the result of the appeal will be. Previously they attempted to attack on the same subject using various strategies:

  • by funding research that would reduce the number of human embryos available for their adoption program, [the rights of Nightlight Cristian Adoption were violated]. (Oct 27 2009)
  • [Drs. Sherley and Deisher, both of whom “specialize in adult stem cell research” and who, respectively, have received and plan to seek NIH grants for research involving ASC] claimed to have “competitor standing” because the Guidelines would “result in increased competition for limited federal funding and [would] thereby injure [their] ability to successfully compete for … NIH stem cell research funds.”1
  • Get more info here by Don C. Reed, at Stem Cell Battles.

    Either you don’t care about softmoney to help with your research program, in which case you can just relocate people to an appropriate environment where you are mostly sure that religion funded legal action will not interfere, or you do care and you may want to consider relocating people to an appropriate environment where you are mostly sure that religion funded legal action will not interfere.

    This time Judge Royce Lamberth failed to protect Obama’s executive order and you may expect that this may happen again and again in the future as religious organizations will not only spend money to support ASC research but also to help lawyers make a living out of their battle to support their fantasies’ natural moral law.

    That’s one of several cases where creationists actions (especially the soft kind which people are not willing to identify as such) interferes with public policies.

    1 Yeah, right, no competition otherwise 🙂 Fucking stupid excuse, isn’t it?

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