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made my head spin

I was just on the weird time machines after Oscar’s calendar. Came through a propeller clock and send the Link to Bora Z. He replied with this one :

He is the Master, no doubt.

My dear target audience know what a sucker I’m for x,y to θ,r. And my birthday.
All said.


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Oscar Diaz Studio: Ink Calendar

This is from Charis Tsevis, who link to Gizmodo, where Jesus (I’m not kidding you) points to Dezeen’s post about Oscar Diaz’s Ink Calendar.

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Greek students’ images of scientific researchers

Greek students’ images of scientific researchers

Vasilia Christidou

JCOM 9(3), September 2010

Via Enroweb
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Yes, there really are people who don’t accept the germ theory of disease, by Orac

Genome study identifies genetic variant linked to TB susceptibility in Africans, at LabSpaces

The FDA doesn’t plan to regulate access to raw genetic data; and context for Gutierrez scare-mongering about ovary removal, at Genetic Future, by Daniel MacArthur

Dr. Dr. Dr. Pigliucci replies, at WEIT. Don’t just read the post, go for the comments. If you were absent from the Net the last few days you may want to start here for MP’s starter post and read JC ‘s response.

Links ‘n’ Thoughts on emerging science blogging networks, by Bora.

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