Dear Target Audience

Dear Target Audience,

I made the step for you to shift from french to english, thus increasing your volume from 6 to 9 (this is a 50% improvement in a single movement, awesome!). Sometimes I wonder why blog for you as we speak at least twice per week via Skype. Each time I ask myself the question the answer is always the same: maybe there are other people as my friends out there and I’ll have the opportunity to meet them via the blog. It often worked by the past and it may work in the future. I’ll keep you posted.

Dear Target Audience,

You are a very select club. I wish it to stay that way. I was reading « Virginia Heffernan Is Our Target Audience » at Uncertain Principles this morning an thinking how different you are from Heffernan. And how glad I’m I don’t have the same target audience as Chad Orzel.

Prof. Orzel think that « Heffernan is not a stupid person« . Because « Total imbeciles don’t usually get regular columns with the New York Times« . I tend to agree with him. That doesn’t mean that Heffernan’s rant isn’t totally stupid. Even the most intelligent and clever and bright people may do stupid things. Totally stupid things. And all the buzz about Heffernan is just about a « totally stupid article ».

You, my dear Target Audience, are valuable people because when you read an argument you are tone deaf. You examine the content and not the form. You have the patience to check more than a few posts to make your mind. You are aware of the social problems the newspapers present you over several months. And you don’t consider GW denialism as a science topic, but as a social problem.

You, my dear Target Audience, have enough humor to make a good laugh out of « Everybody Draw Mohammed Day » and enough good sense to make a louder laugh out of the reactions of bigot muslims. You don’t let cartoons upset you. And you don’t either carry superstitions forbidding you to eat this or that. For all I know you, are bacon fans and maybe you may want some with your crocodile steak (I have to try that someday).

You, my dear Target Audience, don’t link to a blog because you think it have a lively voice or judging from the appearances, and the beautiful images (WTF?). You read it, judge the content and eventually link to it. And you have the microformat rel= »nofollow » preprogrammed for those links you want to point to, while disapproving their content.

Be sure that I’ll never include someone in Heffernan’s mood (when she wrote « Unnatural Science« ) in the same set as you, all the 9 of you. I don’t want to waste time for somebody who do her homework so badly. I’ll let Prof. Orzel do the dirty job. Me thinks it’s a waste of time and life is short. And probably it would be more productive to speak to my dog if I had one.

Dear Target Audience,

If ever you are at the same intellectual schema we discern behind Ms Herrernen’s presentation of the science blogs, please, take a break, have a nap or a short walk at the nearest garden, think about the damage you are doing to your brain and eventually to the brains of the people who may read you, think about it twice, then ring me so I’ll try to persuade you not to follow this path.

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