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ScienceDaily picks

How Fundamental Particles Lose Track Of Quantum Mechanical Properties: « (Mar. 17, 2008) — Researchers have reported a series of experiments in the journal Science that mark an important step toward understanding a longstanding fundamental physics problem of quantum mechanics. The problem the physicists addressed is how a fundamental particle in matter loses track of its quantum mechanical properties through interactions with its environment. »

Royal Corruption Is Rife In The Ant World: « (Mar. 17, 2008) — Far from being a model of social co-operation, the ant world is riddled with cheating and corruption — and it goes all the way to the top, according to scientists from the Universities of Leeds and Copenhagen. »

Crop Scientists Discover Gene That Controls Fruit Shape: « (Mar. 17, 2008) — Crop scientists have cloned a gene that controls the shape of tomatoes, a discovery that could help unravel the mystery behind the huge morphological differences among edible fruits and vegetables, as well as provide new insight into mechanisms of plant development. »

Same Process Discovered To Both Form Skeleton And Protect It For Life: « (Mar. 17, 2008) — A protein signaling pathway recently discovered to guide the formation of the skeleton in the fetus also keeps bones strong through adult life, according to two papers published recently in the journal Nature Medicine. Furthermore, the same mechanism may be at the heart of osteoporosis, where too little bone is made over time, and bone cancer, where uncontrolled bone growth contributes to tumors. Lastly, the results argue that an experimental Alzheimer’s drug may also be useful against bone cancer. »

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